what3words Poetry


I’ve been seeing lots of buzz about what3words (w3w), an intriguing addressing system that assigns a combination of three words to every 3m x 3m square on Earth. For example, you can find the center of LSU Tiger Stadium at upward.searcher.superstar. w3w’s API toggles 3-word addresses with lat/long coordinates, so you can actually locate the address (one of the, I assume necessary, annoyances of w3w addresses is that the words are random, so you have no information about adjacent addresses based on a known address).

As a completely useless example of how you can use the w3w API, I present w3w Poems. Following the rules found here for creating a 3-word poem for Ms.Guillory’s 5th grade classroom at Gardner Pilot Academy in Allston, Massachusetts, the user is presented with a random w3w address, which is the first line of the poem. The last two words become the first two words on the next line. The user enters a third word. If it completes a new w3w address, the user is whisked away to the location, the poem line completes, and a new partial poem line is presented. The user repeats until they decide the poem is complete.


FYI: There’s a whole blog about w3w inspired poetry.


2 thoughts on “what3words Poetry

  1. mastababa

    You might like another what3words poetry effort, which I’ve been working on. The application takes the user’s position as he moves around, and then generates Dadaist poetry on the fly.

    You can find, and experiment with, it, here:


    Feedback and suggestions welcome. 🙂


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