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Example: Highcharts JS


I was looking at alternatives to Google Chart Tools and came across Highcharts JS, which is my new favourite charting API. It’s extremely customizable, fast, and free for personal, academic, and non-profit use(*). You can also include buttons to print or save each chart as an image. The charts are also optionably zoomable through click and drag. Finally, Highcharts has been exhaustively documented, complete with JSFiddles for almost every feature. Check out my example Highcharts here.

* Note: I’m obligated to point out that Highcharts is not available for free for commercial use. See here for pricing.


GPS Derived Associations


This map is an extension of last’s month post, Visualize GPS Data in Google Maps. It takes advantage of Google Chart Tools to populate a live chart showing current and mean distance between (in this case, randomly generated) bears. Mean distance between individuals can be used as an index of association (i.e. bears that spend a lot of time near each other are likely associating in some way). Question for anyone reading: how can I add a border for each bar in the chart?

Note: sometimes the chart doesn’t load on the first try. If this happens, refresh your page.