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Alberta Urban Population Density Map: Gomitoli


OK, this is the last visualization of Albertan Urban Population Density for a while. Again, inpired by this Gomitoli chart designed for Excel, I made this example using Albertan cities. The circle area roughly approximates the true city area, and there is a random point on the circle circumference drawn for every 1000 people in the city’s population. Smoothed PaperJS lines connects the points. Finally jQuery UI sliders and PaperJS¬†buttons enable zoom and pan.


Alberta Urban Population Density Map


Inspired by the Gomitoli visualization (found here), I made this map to show population density in Albertan cities. I admit it’s not nearly as nice as the Gomitoli example, but it demonstrates nice features such as navigating the underlying Google Map with jQuery sliders¬†and PaperJS buttons, and redrawing the cities in the correct pixel coordinates on zoom/pan. Dots represent 5000 people (red lines connect the dots). The city rectangle area is mostly arbitrary.