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Alberta Urban Population Density Map: Gomitoli


OK, this is the last visualization of Albertan Urban Population Density for a while. Again, inpired by this Gomitoli chart designed for Excel, I made this example using Albertan cities. The circle area roughly approximates the true city area, and there is a random point on the circle circumference drawn for every 1000 people in the city’s population. Smoothed PaperJS lines connects the points. Finally jQuery UI sliders and PaperJS buttons enable zoom and pan.


Alberta Urban Population Density Map: Take 2


It didn’t take long for me to hate the previous map, so I changed the markers to move randomly inside their city, and got rid of the lines. I think this is better.

Alberta Urban Population Density Map


Inspired by the Gomitoli visualization (found here), I made this map to show population density in Albertan cities. I admit it’s not nearly as nice as the Gomitoli example, but it demonstrates nice features such as navigating the underlying Google Map with jQuery sliders and PaperJS buttons, and redrawing the cities in the correct pixel coordinates on zoom/pan. Dots represent 5000 people (red lines connect the dots). The city rectangle area is mostly arbitrary.