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GPS watch → CSV → D3 (pt. 2)


I continued learning D3 today, adding (here) to my previous post displaying my winter activities. The major addition is an average heart rate line for each activity, drawing heavily on this D3 example. I found it pretty tricky to get the data filtering to work properly, but this seemed to do the trick – see the source code. I’m definitely still learning, so please feel free to reply with suggestions for optimizing the code.


GPS watch → CSV → D3


Ever since I was given it, I’ve been a slave to my Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS watch. I’ve always enjoyed exercise, but now it’s like an addiction. I don’t do it because I want to get fit or fast or anything else, I do it because I want to fill in another record in Garmin Connect. Connect makes nice graphical report summaries on its own, but one great feature is the ability to export CSV files (although an API would be ideal, nudge nudge) of your workout history or individual workouts (every individual GPS point with location, elevation, heart rate, speed, etc.). As part of my continued effort to learn D3, I’ve made a short animated graph sequence of some of my cross-country ski sessions from one of my exported CSV files, here.