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Old Prince George Floodplain Map


Just thought I’d share a cool looking old map overlay I found digging through the BC Map Services. I enjoy the very detailed, yet simple look. I’ve also superimposed the City of Prince George Flood Plain 1997 layer, which I think is the digitized version of the scanned BC map. Kinda scary to see how far up Patricia/Winnipeg/17th/Massey it would flood, but I guess the City’s got it figured out.


WMS GetFeatureInfo Request


Continuing on with yesterday’s exploration into GeoMet and its myriad web mapping services (WMS), today I added GetFeatureInfo requests (map here).

If you’ve used WMS, you’re probably familiar with GetCapabilities (retrieves metadata) and GetMap (retrieves map tiles) requests. GetFeatureInfo is another type of request which retrieves attribute information at a given location, provided the server (e.g. GeoMet) has been configured to provide this information (look for “queryable=’1′ ” in the layer metadata).

One stumbling block I encountered (and likely handled poorly) was overcoming the issue of cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). No matter what I tried, I was blocked from retrieving the request response because, of course, my webpage resides on a different server than the WMS. I got around this by calling a PHP script that copies the text response from the request locally and reads that version. Honestly, I’m not sure why that works and reading the original request doesn’t, but it does and that’s good enough for me. If you have a simpler solution (I’m sure it’s out there), I’d love to learn about it!

GeoMet: Canadian Weather WMS


I’ve been looking into Canadian open data, and stumbled across GeoMet Geospatial Web Services, which is a HUGE collection of weather-based web map services and KMLs. You can check out my sample map here, which contains a very tiny sampling of the available WMSes.

PG Open Data & WMS


Yesterday, I provided an example for how to load GeoJSON from the City of Prince George Open Data site to your Google Maps API web map. You can also load imagery through OGC WMS. Here is an example showing how to do so.

Note: I recycled most of the code from GISDoctor.com.

PG Open Data & GeoJSON


The City of Prince George recently unveiled the new City Open Data website, providing access to an impressive selection of spatial (and some non-spatial) datasets. Although these datasets have been available for some time on the old open data catalog, they are all now also available as GeoJSON, GeoService, and OGC WMS.

Here‘s an example of how you can load a Prince George GeoJSON layer through the Google Maps API.

G20 Chemical Attack Condemnation: Leaflet, JSON, WMS


Here’s a map I’ve been picking away at for a little while – the distribution of G20 countries who accused and condemned the Syrian government for chemical weapons attacks against civilians.

The map makes use of the Leaflet API (via the Mapbox API), JSON data (found here), and the World Light Gray basemap, by ESRI (found here).