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Minimalist GPX viewer


I’m sure it’s been done before, but I made this minimalist GPX viewer today (relying heavily on the gpxviewer library). As long as you have a File API compliant browser (apparently not any version of IE), you should be able to load a GPX file from the top button, and it will load onto the map. Next step will be to save the GPX file to a shapefile.


GPS Derived Associations


This map is an extension of last’s month post, Visualize GPS Data in Google Maps. It takes advantage of Google Chart Tools to populate a live chart showing current and mean distance between (in this case, randomly generated) bears. Mean distance between individuals can be used as an index of association (i.e. bears that spend a lot of time near each other are likely associating in some way). Question for anyone reading: how can I add a border for each bar in the chart?

Note: sometimes the chart doesn’t load on the first try. If this happens, refresh your page.