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Cesium the Weekend! (WMS)


Had a chance to play around with Cesium a little more tonight. Following up on the Imagery Layers Tutorial, here‘s how you can tap into DataBC‘s land parcels WMS service. And here is how you can hook into their base mapping, including TRIM. There are tons of others, just customize the url.


Cesium the weekend!


Looked into Cesium, the WebGL JavaScript library for creating 3D globes, and 2.5D and 2D maps, today.

So far, so good. The tutorials are great, and documentation relatively well populated. Installation was painless. The major quirks so far have been due to funny interactions between Windows Chrome and DirectX, which I won’t pretend to understand, but apparently it makes it so outlineWidth is not supported, which means all polygon outlines are set permanently to 1px. Not a huge deal, but I’m guessing I’ll run into more technical stumbling blocks as I delve further in.

Here’s a quick example, which draws a 10 degree grid over the Earth, and places an LSU beacon above Tiger Stadium.

Note: must use WebGL-enabled browser, which means Chrome or newer version of Firefox/IE/etc. You can check if your browser is compatible here.