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Funky Dancing Chart

chartJust a mental note to look into some more of the great JavaScript charting libraries out there (excellent collection of charting libraries here). Of course, here is one of my token useless examples, which uses Chart.js.

edit: WordPress just notified me that this was my 100th blog post! It’s been a wild ride.


Bracket Challenge Scenarios

bracketI find myself in an NHL playoff pool. The rules are simple: pick the winner of each round. We’ve been going since the beginning of the playoffs, so points have been accumulating thus far. Suffice it to say, the remaining rounds are worth 50 points for each conference final and 100 points for picking the Stanley Cup winner, so there is still some jockeying to be done.

If you haven’t been following, the conference finals are well underway, meaning there are 4 teams left (Chicago, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, and New York). You can also deduce that there are now only eight scenarios remaining for how the rounds can shake out.

This graph removes all mystery as to how we will each fair, for each scenario.

Area Circles on Gmaps

area_circleIt seems like large areas have been popping up in the local news recently. Particularly, I’m thinking of the recent Little Bobtail Lake fire (recent CBC story here), and now (again) the Site C Dam flooded area (recent CBC story here).

It’s impossible for normal people to visualize 25,000 ha (the fire) or 5,500 ha (the flooded area), so here is a map in which you can enter either a radius or total area and you will be rewarded with a draggable circle fitting those parameters (note: if you want to convert hectares to square metres, multiply by 10,000). Try it out.

Oliver & Clement Look Alike

oliver_clementFor some reason, I have a hard time telling apart Joe Oliver and Tony Clement, so I made this thing. Use the slider to switch between Oliver and Clement.

(Photos from: here and here)

Edit: doesn’t seem to work on Android browser. Worked on desktop Firefox and Chrome.

Find the Pink Iguanas!


* Spoiler alert: Links contained in this post will give you the answer to the vital question, “Where do pink iguanas live?” If you want to find out for yourself, click here to go to the quiz map and discover the answer at your own pace.

Pink iguanas (Wikipediamade the news today, so I decided to make a quick quiz map about them and their range (note: I couldn’t actually find a map showing the range, so I made it up based on the description in the news article).

Instructions: click on the map to guess where in the world pink iguanas live. When you choose wrong, the map zooms in one level closer to a random view with the correct area within the map window. This continues until you have no choice but to be right. Have fun!

Little Bobtail Lake Fire: Scale

little_bobtailAs of yesterday, the Little Bobtail Lake wildfire in central BC was around 25,000ha (CBC News story here). How big is 25,000ha? Large numbers like that are hard to imagine, so I made this map to find out (fire data courtesy of Data BC).

It turns out, 25,000ha is pretty large. It would easily encompass the populated areas of Prince George, BC. It would also cover most, if not all, of Vancouver and Richmond, BC.

If you want to convince yourself, go ahead and drag the fire polygon over your city. The polygon is geodesic, meaning that even though Google Maps stretches polygons the closer you get to the poles (see here for an example of this effect), the polygon will stay relatively “true”, no matter where you decide to move the fire polygon.

Egg Log

egglogA couple of friends just got some backyard chickens, which is very exciting. They were having trouble keeping track of which chickens were laying which eggs, who was laying when, etc. so they started looking into online data entry apps. They wanted data entry to be mobile and collaborative between them, and they wanted a website they could refer to on the road (they field a lot of questions about their eggs). Google Drive was the obvious first choice, but the app didn’t work on one of their phones. So, I made them this super-simple, Firebase-powered data viewer. They also have a similar data entry web page, feeding records into Firebase.

Check it out for (mostly) up-to-date egg records!