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Draggable Latitude Line Map


I just returned home from a trip to Scandinavia (Denmark/Sweden/Norway), and was curious to see how far north I’d gone. I made it as far as Tromsø, which is at about 69.7°N, but where would that latitude place me in North America? It turns out, pretty far north – about halfway up Baffin Island. See for yourself on this quick map (drag the marker to move the line north and south, then see where in the world passes through that latitude).


Draggable AB Caribou Ranges


I finally got around to experimenting with the new functionality of dragging polygons with the Google Maps API (the draggable map game everyone’s talking about can be found here). My map (here) is the result of thinking about draggable polygons, caribou ranges (shapefile downloaded from here, simplified and saved as KML in QGIS), and the Alberta Oil Sands/caribou interaction. My blog gets a lot of hits from people looking for how to parse KML into its coordinates to turn into polygons, as this map does. Check out the source code for the method I use to read the KML (or XML, really).

My sarcastic stream-of-thought: What’s the easiest way to avoid conflict between caribou and oil sands development? Separate the two. What’s the easiest way to separate the two? Drag the herd!

Tip, painfully learned: use the correct version of the API (currently “v=3.exp”) in order to use draggable option for polygons.

Note: doesn’t work in IE, any ideas?