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Bread loaves per quarter section: map


According to Statistics Canada and the Regina Leader Post (story here), the average Canadian wheat yield is forecast to be up around 44 bushels/acre. That would equate to 7040 bushels on a 160 acre quarter section of land. A quick search reveals that each bushel of wheat can produce 90 loaves of whole-wheat bread (this and more wheat facts may be found here). That would equal 633,600 loaves of bread per quarter section.

The math is the easy part, but 633,600 loaves of bread is impossible to visualize.

I’m inclined to use a map, but 633,600 individual points would be overwhelming. Luckily, there is a Leaflet library (Leaflet.markercluster) that will handle all the grouping/ungrouping of nearby points as you zoom in and out. The help documentation cautions about using more than 50,000 points, but it seems to work just fine with 633,600 randomly placed “loaves” (it does take about 40 seconds to load, so be patient).

Here is my average Saskatchewan loaves per quarter section map.

Fun fact: my parents farm this land, although this year it was seeded to barley.

Edit: they have since read this blog post, and want it known that both wheat and barley were sown to parts of this quarter section.


G20 Chemical Attack Condemnation: Leaflet, JSON, WMS


Here’s a map I’ve been picking away at for a little while – the distribution of G20 countries who accused and condemned the Syrian government for chemical weapons attacks against civilians.

The map makes use of the Leaflet API (via the Mapbox API), JSON data (found here), and the World Light Gray basemap, by ESRI (found here).