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D3 Ski Trip Player: Update (Compass Rose)


I’ve added a couple pieces of “functionality” (not obviously useful) to my previously posted Ski Trip Player (here and here, and now HERE). There is now a button on the map portion that allows the user to switch between projections (1. Mercator and 2. Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area). The entire map switches and the little ski man keeps moving along. The trickier part was creating the compass rose and having it rotate within the map boundary, which it does. Take a look at the source code to see how I do it – I’m positive there is a more efficient way to do it. Let me know!


D3 Ski Trip Player: Update


I had some time to kill waiting for a Python script to wrap itself up, so I worked on my D3-powered Ski Trip Player. I focused on the elevation profile, adding: 1) diverging color scale to indicate climbing/sliding areas, 2) horizon line to demarcate the travel path, and 3) legend. I suspect I’ve compromised looks for function in this iteration, but it was instructive nonetheless.

D3 Ski Trip Player


It’s official – I like D3. Here‘s an example using XML data from one of my ski excursions (collected by GPS watch, downloaded from Garmin Connect), and trail data from a Google Fusion table (run through ft2JSON to get a JSON response). There’s an animated elevation profile with associated animated map (over 1700 points animated!). It works well, but as always, please feel free to take a look at the code and see if you can make it more efficient.

Hinton Nordic Centre Map Hub


Due to a mid-winter heatwave (chinook), last week was too hot for cross-country skiing. I found myself with plenty of spare time on my hands to think about cross-country skiing, though. That led to me checking the Hinton Nordic Centre website, which resulted in me looking at the ski trail conditions (a text table), which made me want a map showing groomed trails, which prompted me to build one (here).

The map shows:

  1. Grooming history (symbolized by days since last groomed) – currently I’m the only one keeping this data, stored in a Google Fusion Table, current. If you’d like to be able to edit the table, let me know and I’ll set you up with a password.
  2. Trail difficulty (from here)
  3. Dog friendly trails (from here)
  4. Optional nordic centre overlay map

There is also a Twitter feed, showing tweets containing the hashtag #hintonnordiccentre. I seriously hope people will tweet the current temperature from the trails, since there can be a drastic difference between the nordic centre and town.

Like any of my other Nordic Centre maps, this is entirely my own personal project (i.e. not made by the Hinton Nordic Centre), not to be confused with an official Hinton Nordic Centre project, and hopefully I’m not stepping on any toes with this (especially the groomers, you’re amazing human beings).

Hinton Nordic Centre Distance Calculator


Here (http://darrenwiens.net/nordiccentre_animated.html) is an old project I made last year and updated over the holidays. It’s a map of the Hinton Nordic Centre, with the handy feature of calculating the length of your route. Click and drag the green points to change the start and end positions. Click and drag anywhere on the blue highlighted route to move that part of the path. Oh, if you notice an error in the trails (for example, it doesn’t exist), go ahead and change it using Google Map Maker.

Disclaimer: this was something I did for fun, because I love skiing at the Hinton Nordic Centre, and I hate calculating my distances. This is not any sort of official product of the Nordic Centre. Also, this map does not work well in old browsers like Internet Explorer 8, but if you are using it, it’s time to upgrade anyway.