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KineticJS Map


Here‘s the start of my vision for a web map of FRI‘s offices. Next steps include finding a current floor plan (the Foothills Model Forest became the Foothills Research institute in 2007), expanding contact information, and adding email links.

*note: the code for this map was almost entirely stolen from this KineticJS lab.


FRI AGM Tour Route – Preliminary


The Foothills Research Institute’s Annual General Meeting is approaching, and part of it will be an interpretive bus tour. Above is a draft version of the bus tour, showing some of the stops (they could very well change in the future). More to my tastes, the map uses the Google Maps API in a variety of ways, including calculating optimal directions between waypoints to produce the polyline, and animating both marker and polyline symbols. Future development will focus on loading content into infowindows.