Grain Elevators of Canada


Here‘s a super-quick map of Canadian grain elevators, using the Government of Canada’s Grain Elevators of Canada WMS.

2 thoughts on “Grain Elevators of Canada

  1. Mr. T.

    This is very interesting! I can’t seem to find this map of the Government of Canada website. Did you make it yourself? Also, Is there anyway to find out the names of Grain elevators that each star represents?

    1. dkwiens Post author

      I’m not sure about a map, but you can download the raw spatial data as GML or geodatabase from here:

      The data does include attributes such as station name, railway, elevator company, capacity, etc. which you could put on your own map. I assume it would be possible for me make these attributes available on my map, which accesses the data live through a web mapping service, but it would take some effort to make it happen. 🙂


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