Lego Area

legoCBC reported that Lego will spend 1 billion Danish kroner ($185.4 million CAD) to come up with a more sustainable material to replace acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The figure that really caught my eye is that Lego produces more than 5,000,000 pieces per hour.

They do not get into what “a piece” means, so I’m going to assume that means the plain-old 2×4 block that we all know and love (keep in mind that the average piece is likely smaller than a 2×4, although I believe this is the most common piece). A 2×4 measures 15.8 x 31.8mm (from here). At 5,000,000 pieces per hour, that would be 2512.2 sq.m. Or, 60293 sq. m per day. Or, 22,006,872 sq. m per year. That’s 22 sq. km!

You can use this map to visualize it for yourself. Feel free to drag the circles to your city.


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