Little Bobtail Lake Fire: Scale

little_bobtailAs of yesterday, the Little Bobtail Lake wildfire in central BC was around 25,000ha (CBC News story here). How big is 25,000ha? Large numbers like that are hard to imagine, so I made this map to find out (fire data courtesy of Data BC).

It turns out, 25,000ha is pretty large. It would easily encompass the populated areas of Prince George, BC. It would also cover most, if not all, of Vancouver and Richmond, BC.

If you want to convince yourself, go ahead and drag the fire polygon over your city. The polygon is geodesic, meaning that even though Google Maps stretches polygons the closer you get to the poles (see here for an example of this effect), the polygon will stay relatively “true”, no matter where you decide to move the fire polygon.


One thought on “Little Bobtail Lake Fire: Scale

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