EDIT: this map was once boringly called “Point Recorder” but is now called CinnaMap.

One of my coworkers is famously obsessed with cinnamon buns and I thought it would be fairly simple to set up a map on which to log cinnamon bun ratings.


  • Add points
  • Attribute points
  • Save points
  • Free
  • No onsite server

I’m sure there is a solution out there that will do this, but after a while of searching and finding a few options that didn’t quite fit my needs (like, say, Fulcrum or ArcGIS Online), I bit the bullet and made my own.

The APIs I used are Google Maps API (the map), Firebase (the database-type thing), and Maptiks (analytics). As my expectations for this map going viral are low, I should be well within the usage limits for free access to each.

To add a point: start editing (checkbox at bottom-right), click where you want to add a point, and fill out the data prompts. That’s it. Have fun. Feel free to add as many points as your heart desires.


2 thoughts on “CinnaMap!

  1. fmhyde2013

    I’ve enjoy reading your posts and experiments. In this example can you export the points you or others have added to your desktop (as a csv file for example)?

  2. dkwiens Post author

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this blog.

    The data is all stored in a Firebase. If there is very little data, you can download a JSON file directly from the Firebase dashboard. As the data increases, you are forced to use the Firebase Rest API ( After your Firebase reaches 256MB, you must contact Firebase support to retrieve your data, although you may be able to retrieve it in smaller chunks yourself.


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