The Real PG Snow Priority Routes?

PG_roadsThe City of Prince George publishes an annual Snow Operations Map, however, according to it my street (lowest priority) should not get plowed nearly as often as it does (almost always within 24 hours of snowfall). The accompanying, confusing infographic (which does not seem to differentiate between Priority 1 and 2, by the way), makes a passing reference to Bylaw 8625, which does shed some light on the mystery. My street is listed in the bylaw, amongst almost all other highest priority streets in PG.

I spent some of the morning modifying the PG Street Centrelines file (downloaded from the PG Open Data Catalogue) and you can inspect the resulting map here.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining that my street gets plowed regularly (thank you, plow operators!), I just think the City could use some clarification on the snow operations policy.


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