D3 Ski Trip Player


It’s official – I like D3. Here‘s an example using XML data from one of my ski excursions (collected by GPS watch, downloaded from Garmin Connect), and trail data from a Google Fusion table (run through ft2JSON to get a JSON response). There’s an animated elevation profile with associated animated map (over 1700 points animated!). It works well, but as always, please feel free to take a look at the code and see if you can make it more efficient.


4 thoughts on “D3 Ski Trip Player

  1. jeffsteph

    Love it! Once again, you have cobbled together another awesome prototype. I love the synchrony of the elevation chart and the path map. You have too much free time? What’s wrong with you?

    1. dkwiens Post author

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks. It’s a combination of working in an environment that promotes innovation during slack-time (we all have it now and then, and I’d rather code for fun than read about what someone had for lunch on Facebook), actually enjoying this stuff enough to work on it out of the office (I did most of this map at home), and long ski trips on which to think about new projects.


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