HTML5 Robot


My big plan a while ago, before I realized WordPress themes are much nicer than anything I could ever come up with myself, was to design my own home page for my website ( It was going to include an HTML5 robot with moveable parts (powered by KineticJS) that would reveal navigational links on mouseovers. Here is as far as I got before abandoning the project. It’s kinda fun, though, so check it out.

*note: must use a modern browser (i.e. no IE).

edit: it appears changes to the KineticJS library have made this example unusable, although it’s probably something I’ve done…


3 thoughts on “HTML5 Robot

  1. dkwiens Post author

    Hi Lernerd – the link should be fixed. I’m not sure what the issue is with the Kinetic script (it works for me on a couple different computers/platforms). I should probably be referencing a copy of the script on my own server. I’ll try that and do some debugging on Monday. Check back after the weekend, and let me know if you have any ideas.


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